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A Low Sex Drive – How To Improve Weak Libido – Treatments And Solutions For Natural Vitality In Men

When a young man finds himself with a low sex drive it’s pretty surprising. But it does happen. Young men can get erection problems, severe premature ejaculation issues and sexual anxiety that can affect performance. Sometimes the causes are the same as for older men, sometimes they’re not.

The causes are however, often more easy to understand for younger men. A low sex drive can be the result of medication, recreational drugs, alcohol or it can be related to sexual anxiety and a lack of confidence. The latter is stress related.

There are also those who believe that sex hormone levels can be depleted by excessive regular masturbation. What do we define as a young man? In terms of sex drive, young can be considered to be someone who’s less than 28 years old.

Medication, drugs and alcohol

Younger men should not have a low sex drive. That’s the general consensus. And yet, it can happen that a 40 year old can have a higher libido than a 20 year old.

How can this be possible?

Sometimes it can be a result of over-enthusiastic prescription wielding doctors. Some doctors unfortunately consider that drugs are the answer to everything.

This kind of attitude to solving medical problems is prevalent in Western society and seems to go against the medical practices of the older civilizations, which involved using nutrition, plants and herbs to prevent and cure health issues.

Yet there are countless reported cases of doctors prescribing drugs for blood thinning, drugs for cholesterol, hair loss prevention drugs and anti-depressants causing low libido in younger men.

If you’re taking any medication then discuss with your doctor how to stop taking it. Don’t let him prescribe you with another drug to fix your erection problem, this would be ridiculous. You wouldn’t be solving the root of the problem.

Instead, look for natural ways to approach health problems if possible. If you don’t have that choice, then change medication or change your doctor.

You may still find that you have a Low sex drive even after stopping medication. If this is the case, then try to herbal libido boosters for encouraging your sex drive to return to normal and also have a look at detoxing to resolve low sex drive.

Drugs and alcohol

Many of us have enjoyed a few party drugs and drinks in our time. Many of us have enjoyed it and had incredible sex when high from ecstasy or weed. Others have indulged in cocaine and have found that it’s not great for erections and sex.

There are plenty of drinkers out there whose drinking finally takes a toll on their erections after a few years.

There are also plenty of long term drug users who can suddenly develop a low sex drive and don’t understand how it happened.

Even more bizarre for people is how sexual problems can continue even after stopping drinking and drugs altogether.

If this is your case then don’t panic. I’ve been here too.

There is a way back, but it may take a few months to get to full power again.

Sexual anxiety or performance confidence

What can be common in young men is being anxious about sex and having a lack of confidence when it comes to the act. Such nervousness can be a result of past experiences that plant doubts in your mind and causes voices in your head to tell you that you’re not good enough.

Such a negative mindset can be difficult to counter and even positive self talk can be challenging to maintain. Confidence issues are common in young and old men and can be the reason why your erection may suddenly disappear or why you ejaculate too fast. There are techniques to overcome anxiety and to develop rock solid confidence. It may take a week or two for you to start seeing result, but it’ll be worth it.

Masturbation and ejaculation

For many centuries, Chinese people have advised against over masturbation. Some Chinese experts recommend that you should be refraining from ejaculation or at least, ejaculating less frequently.
In the West, people have only just started to claim that this could be correct.

Why it took them until now find out something people have been saying for thousands years is beyond me, but that’s another story. If you masturbated many times a day regularly during your younger years, then you may find yourself with low testosterone levels in later years. Strange but absolutely true.

Those who are too vigorous and out of control with masturbation risk having erection problems later on. This means soft erections, less erections and erections that last for only a short time. You depleted your energy levels repeatedly and changed the hormonal balance of your body. The repercussions can be felt a few years later.

If you think that ejaculating too often may have caused your weak sex drive, then you’ll have to boost your body’s natural capacity to produce testosterone. The fastest way to get back on track is to use herbal supplements. You may need to take these for a month or two before your libido starts to return to normal again.

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