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Custom Jewelry Shopping

Where on the West Coast or in the Western States can you find great hand crafted custom jewelry? Well, Sedona AZ is one great place, but there are many more. For instance, another cool place you might be Ashland, OR (known for the Shakespeare Festival), if you live in Oregon, Washington, Northern California or Northwestern Nevada.

I’ve also enjoyed my custom jewelry show visits to Tucson during the annual Gem Show, and to Quartzsite, AZ during the main event, where there are a million people in attendance during that event. Not long ago, I mentioned all this to an acquaintance from moissanite engagement rings Carlsbad CA, and asked her; “Hey aren’t there some cool places in Carlsbad too?” Indeed she said there were;

“Yes, Carlsbad, in fact North County in general have some unique stores. I always peruse the antique jewelry department whenever I venture into the antique stores. The Gemological Society is located in Carlsbad so I sometimes go to their exhibits. I’ve saw a fascinating display of colored stones in magnificent settings in Carlsbad not too long ago in fact.”

The reality is there are lots of excellent places out West to find custom jewelry, and you can fine artisans and shops dotted all over the West Coast, you just have to know what you are looking for. If you’ve never been to any of these locations, I’d sure like to recommend that you go take a look-see or put it on your list to stop by, next time you find yourself a tourist in our neck of the woods. Please think on this.

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