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Dog Food That Is The Healthiest For Your Dog

Are there any dogs who would not want to eat dog food made fresh and natural? dog food avoderm that is made from homemade ingredients, the healthiest dog food, from dog food recipes? There are no better food that a dog can eat than homemade dog food, because it is the healthiest way we can get good nutrition to our beloved pets. As soon as owners realize completely what manufacturers are putting into those bags and cans, they also realize that it is that very food that is causing our dogs to get sick and develop diseases.

Some disturbing facts about K9 food that comes in cans and bags should come to light for dog owners to know about. One of the main preservatives used is ethoxyquin, which is a know carcinogen. It doesn’t have to be listed on the nutrition label to actually be in the package. Fats are used to make the appearance of pet food more appetizing, but they don’t have any control over companies that they obtain fats from, and these companies could use ethoxysquin in their products. Pet food companies don’t have to list this ingredient, because they aren’t the ones adding the ethoxyquin to the fat they put in their products, and this is therefore legal for them to leave off the nutrition label. Another chemical is propylene glycol, an additive used to keep the ingredients in and treats from falling apart. Propylene glycol has been attributed recently to causing cancer in cats. Because of this discovery, cat foods and treats no longer use it in their products. But, K9 foods and treats have yet to stop using it.

By making your own food from scratch ingredients at home, you know what is going into the food you are giving your dog. You can also make sure that just the right amounts are being added, so that there are just enough amounts of fats, carbs and protein being put into your dog’s diet. Foods rich in fruits, vegetables, honey and peanut butter can be used in your own recipes. Imagine all the fresh meat that you introduce into your dog’s diet. Meat such as turkey, chicken and beef, or even fish like halibut and tuna.

By taking the time to make your own food following healthy recipes puts you in control of what your dog eats. You’ll learn what fresh foods are not healthy to feed your dog, like avocado, which contains persin, as well as caffeine, grapes and chocolate. Other foodstuffs to keep out of your dog food recipes are those that contain citrus oil, yeast dough and hops.

You will gain so many more benefits from creating home-made meals for your dog. Special diets that are needed due to a specific health problem are a great reason to go home-made. Competitions require training of your dog, which means meals with more calories and protein in them, and food that is store bought just doesn’t meet those requirements. Perhaps you have a dog who has food allergies from what is contained in commercial foods, or maybe your dog has a hard time digesting that kind of food. Whatever the reason for changing, the biggest reason of all is realizing that to continue with store bought dry food provided by the big pet food brands means continuing to feed your dog all of those chemicals, preservatives and artificial ingredients, and that is just too much of a risk to your faithful dog’s health.


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