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Easy and Cool Gifts for Men

I have seen many guides to buying gifts and most of them seem slanted toward the art of buying a gift for a woman. There is somewhat of an art to getting that perfect gift for a woman. But what about buying a cool gift for men? Men don’t get that warm fuzzy feeling over a gift do they?

Don’t get me wrong, guys love gifts but it takes something cool to trigger the wow factor. We are perfectly happy with most gifts as long as they are either practical or usable in some way, but please note that the green sweater that “brings out his eyes” is not going to elicit the feeling you might imagine (unless nausea was the feeling you were going for).

That being said, showing you know a little bit about a guy does mean something. It shows you care. Enough to listen about why the Broncos aren’t going to cover the spread because McGahee is hurt and he is the only running back Denver has, even if you don’t know what he is talking about (and if you do know what he is talking about, thank you for not pointing out that Moreno turned out to be a pretty good replacement and Denver did cover the spread quite easily).

Enough about my issues – back to the help I promised.

Pay attention from the start.

If the guy in question is a sports fan, you will probably know it very soon after meeting him. If he is someone you are dating, sports tickets are always a good option, and it will make for a good future date possibility. If you really care though, don’t be upset if he takes a buddy to the game, the tickets were a gift weren’t they? If you have expectations of how he uses what you got him, it wasn’t really a gift. Don’t worry, if he is smart enough to be with you, he will be inviting you to go with him anyway.

If you go out for drinks, pay attention to what he is drinking. If he is drinking Scotch for instance, a few questions at the local liquor store and you can have a really cool gift quickly and easily. If he is drinking a craft beer, there are some really cool beer glasses/steins etc., that would make a perfect gift.

It shouldn’t be too hard, when you first meet someone you are both probably passing a ton of information about yourselves back and forth, when you hear something that he seems really passionate about, enter it into the note app on your phone (discreetly) and Google it later. This is one of the easiest of presents because all the information you have just been given in a short amount of time leads to a wide variety of options. Plus, if you take good notes, you will have gift ideas for a long time into the future.

Continue to do this with all of the men in your lives, Father, Brother, Friend, Boyfriend or Husband and you will always have a cool gifts for men ready to be purchased. Don’t be one of those people who request a gift list from someone and then sticks to that list. You are better than that!

There is one exception to the “no list” rule in my opinion and that is boys. I know that my son has interests that seem to change daily, so trying to go on what he has shown interest in is sometimes challenging. In fact, boys seem to be the opposite as far as the rule goes. My daughter loves surprises, but my son prefers that the list be followed as closely as possible.

So that is it, pay attention, take discreet notes on your phone, look for the passion and you will always be able to find cool gifts for men.

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