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Palmetto Dunes Beach Rentals: For Every Type of Traveler

Hilton Head is the perfect sub-tropical beach getaway. With perfect vacation weather all year round, there is no bad time to kick back and dip your toes in the sand while listening to the ocean waves or to simply chill out in a private beach rental like in Palmetto Dunes.

All things considered, visiting the island in early fall may prove to be the most beneficial to tourists as the water is still warm, the air is cold, and the crowds have died down. Visiting in the summer may mean more traffic and crowded beaches as the local population of 35,000 may reach 150,000.

Whether for business or pleasure, nothing caps off a dream vacation quite like a good resort. It will offer you not only with quality lodging and facilities, but with a larger variety of options for recreation. Resorts today have revolutionized vacations as everything can be found in that one location. In addition, an entire getaway can be planned with just one call. For families, resorts offer facilities that relate to various age groups. Couples and single travelers might also enjoy the food and drinks offered as well as the nightlife in the city with like-minded travelers who also just want to relax and have fun.

Savvy tourists today prefer a private beach rental property instead of staying in a hotel room to maximize the beachfront experience. Resorts such as Palmetto Dunes can offer a temporary home, complete with a kitchen, a pool, high-speed internet and luxurious furnishing.

Recreational Activities for Every Traveler at Hilton Head

For that well-deserved break, you will soon discover that Hilton Head offers so much more than just the sand and beach. For children, the learning center will turn the vacation educational. There are varied outdoor activities to try, from private golf lessons to kayaking.

Hilton Head, with its carefully protected lush, tropic environment, allows visitors to enjoy various outdoor activities.

Explore the Nature Preserves

Discover the natural beauty of the island at the cozyturtlerv Newhall Audubon Nature Preserve. Look at wildlife at the Pinckney Island Nature Preserve, which was a former lookout for early settlers. You can also visit the Sea Pines Forest Preserves to explore unspoiled land.

Hike and Bike around the area

With designated paths bordered by water and watched over by dolphins and alligators, the 3.5 mile trail is suitable for walking and biking. You can even cross the bridge to the Main Trail on Pinckney Island.

Cyclists would also enjoy the 50 miles of paved paths, even the 12 miles of the beach.

Encounter the Endangered Loggerhead Sea Turtle

The loggerhead turtles are an endangered species that nest along the Atlantic Ocean. In the summer, they crawl ashore and bury their eggs in the sand. Visitors are advised not to interact with the creature in any way, but witnessing this extraordinary occasion from animals almost a century old will be one to remember.

Experience Bottle Nose Dolphins

Several oceanfront resorts, including the Hilton Head Plantation, Port Royal Plantation, or the Palmetto Dunes beach rental, offer opportunities to see the bottle nose dolphin.

Dolphin-watching cruises are also available through the island’s public marinas or the Coastal Discovery Museum.

No matter what your interest, you are bound to find something to do in Hilton Head. With high class resorts, quality dining opportunities and a lush tropical environment perfect for outdoor activities, you are sure to have a perfect getaway that you won’t soon forget.

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