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What is the cost to build a website in 2022?

The website creation price depends mainly on your needs: the type of website you want, the design, the features, the number of pages, etc. One of the reasons why web agencies ask for website specifications is to quantify your needs as accurately as possible.

You are planning to create a professional website for your business, don’t panic, we are here to advise you! It can be a simple showcase site, an e-commerce site or even a platform. If you want to get an estimate of the price of your future web project, knowing the prices you can decide to include or exclude certain features in the specifications and choose your service provider. Our article should help you get a better idea and an order of magnitude of the price of creating a website.

Average rates by type of website

The creation of a website has a cost, depending on a set of factors that allow the service provider or the web agency to determine the price to pay for an effective website. Between the type of website, the design and the different functionalities, everything is taken into account to set the price for creating a website. However, how much does a website cost in relation to these different factors?

How much does a professional website cost?

The creation of a website depends on the level of complexity, the type of website to be created but also the type of service provider. So, for your project, several options are available to you. You can be independent by creating your ” do it yourself ” website with a domain name or call on a web agency to support you in your project to create a professional website.

Cost analysis of a website project

In order to estimate the cost to build a website, we will make several remarks concerning the type of website requested:

What is the price of a showcase website?

Price estimate for the creation of a showcase site: between 30 and 9000 euros.

This type of web project (showcase site) is the most requested type of service among small VSE/SME businesses. The showcase site is mainly composed of less than 20 pages. Here is an example of pages that you can see on these sites:

  • Welcome
  • Our services
  • The team
  • Our vision
  • About
  • Our clients
  • Our partners
  • Blog (news)
  • contact us

This type of website is mainly focused on the presentation of the company, services and information. The objective of the showcase site is to encourage the visitor to carry out a contact action or a request for an estimate thanks to CTAs (call to action: call to action).

How much does an e-commerce website cost?

The budget to be provided for an E-commerce can go from simple to double. For a classic merchant site, it takes between 2500 to 15000 euros. For a complex e-commerce site, it will be necessary to provide an envelope of 15,000 to 30,000 euros or even 50,000 euros.

Here is an example of E-commerce features:

  • Managing your orders
  • Unlimited integration of your products
  • Advanced carrier management to facilitate shipments
  • Voucher
  • Billing and tax management
  • Integration of your products on social networks (Facebook shop, Instagram, etc.)
  • Loyalty and sponsorship
  • transactional emails
  • Abandoned cart customer reminders
  • Stock and inventory management
  • The integration of the newsletter to communicate with your customers

To create an e-commerce site of this type, we strongly recommend that you opt for Prestashop, Woocommerce or even Magento e-commerce solutions depending on the size of your project and your needs.

What is the cost of a tailor-made web portal site?

In terms of budget, it will be difficult to cost a tailor-made site without specifications established beforehand, which is the best asset for obtaining a detailed estimate.

Here is an example of functionality offered by a portal website:

  • A login area for members
  • The translation of your website into several languages
  • A library for your downloadable content
  • Dynamic forms
  • A geolocation system
  • Tailor-made features

This type of tailor-made website is intended for companies that want to opt for functionalities or the complexity may vary according to the needs of the company.

What are the additional costs of a website?

There are several points to see for the additional costs this includes 4 points:

  • Domain name and hosting
  • Maintenance
  • Tools and licenses
  • Natural and paid referencing

Domain name

Your website needs to be hosted on a server to be accessible and to have an address for example is our domain name there are several types of domain name depending on the country for example .com .fr .be etc. .

Here are the main players for buying a domain:

  • com
  • fr
  • fr
  • com

These elements are essential, the costs may vary depending on the provider but do not panic it is not what costs the most when creating your website.

For a domain name it takes 10 to 50 euros per year depending on the extension chosen.

Hosting for your website

For hosting there are several types of servers, you will have to choose the solution that adapts to the size and needs of your web project:

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS virtual server
  • Dedicated server

Prices can vary from 5 to 500 euros per month depending on the type of solution.

For your future hosting we strongly recommend

Rest assured the domain name and hosting, this is not what costs the most when you create a professional website.

Maintenance for its website

Once you have your website online, you have to move on to the next step, this is where maintenance comes in throughout the life of your web project. You will need to update your website, add new content, fix bugs and develop new features.

There are several types of maintenance:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Evolving maintenance

Preventive maintenance of a website

Preventive maintenance is all the interventions that aim to protect and secure the website in the event of hacking and to limit the bugs that may occur. We are talking about TMA (third-party application maintenance). This preventive maintenance includes updates to the CMS (WordPress, PrestaShop, Magento, etc.), installed extensions (plugins) and the theme used. Preventive maintenance ensures and guarantees the proper functioning of the website.

Corrective maintenance of a website

When all the maintenance actions aim to correct problems related to the proper functioning of the site, we therefore speak of corrective maintenance. These are broken links, 404 pages, 500 errors… and display problems, etc.

The evolutionary maintenance of a website

The evolutionary maintenance of a website corresponds to its development and its activity. It proposes the evolution of the site with new functionalities. It can also provide for the change of hosting, the integration of content, the improvement of the design, etc.

What is the budget for the maintenance of my website?

There are several ways to invoice maintenance either by a monthly subscription, or by ADR (average daily rate) or at each intervention.

Cost of creating a website: the essentials to remember

Indeed, the creation of a website can require several skills especially if it is a site with a custom design. This is an activity that requires time and a substantial budget, especially if you want to have a high-performance and quality site. The cost of designing a website varies depending on the service provider and the type of project. For a complete offer to create a professional website, it is advisable to bet on a web agency that integrates several skills capable of meeting all your needs.

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